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From the Archive

Monterey Herald, August 8, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"Customers pay up as
leaders eat up Cal Am"

"Just when you begin to believe it
cannot get worse, it does..."

Monterey Herald, Feb 7, 2015 
Commentary by Dale Hekhuis
and Doug Wilhelm

"Water users looking at
high-risk desal project

"Keeping silent on risk
is not a road to be traveled"

Monterey Herald, May 30, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"Cal Am aggression
rankles hesitant alliance"

"...its supportive and protective alliance of business, agriculture and residents may be on the brink of falling apart."

Monterey Herald, May 3, 2015 
Commentary by Melodie Chrislock

"We conserve, bills rise, Cal Am gains"

"...our current dilemma: the more we conserve, the more our water will cost us, in order to protect Cal Am's revenue and profit." 

Monterey Herald, April 18, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"Reasons for local coddling
of Cal Am unclear"

"...profit remains the name of the game played on a game board strewn with broken rules..." 

Monterey Herald, March 1, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"Expenditure secrecy fuels water deal heat"

"...The fumes show that the fire is not yet out."

Monterey Herald, Feb 7, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"County should enforce desal ordinance"

"Simply put, Cal Am screwed up, and Cal Am should pay up."

Monterey Herald, Jan 10, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"It's time to take the reins from Cal Am "

"...ratepayers will continue to face steeply rising costs without relief from water shortages if they do not take matters into their own hands."

Article referenced in the commentary above:
Monterey Herald, Dec. 9, 2013
Guest Commentary by Ron Weitzman
"Public financing best for water project"

Monterey Herald, Jan 17, 2015 
Commentary by Bill Hood

"Ratepayers are shouldering the burden"

"Cal Am and all others involved ... are the ones who should also suffer, not the ratepayers."

2014 Archive

Monterey Herald, Oct 3, 2014 
Opinion by Ron Weitzman

"Slant-well test a waste of time, money"

"...the issue is the illegality of exporting groundwater from the Salinas Valley, not whether that exportation may or may not cause harm." 

Monterey Herald, May 18, 2014 
Guest Commentary by Ron Weitzman

"Residential ratepayers will
bear brunt of fine if O fails"

"...The only recourse residential customers
have is to support Measure O.."

Monterey Herald, April 5, 2014 
Opinion by Ron Weitzman

"Measure O far from a distraction"

"...we see Measure O as almost
necessitated by Cal Am's proposal."

Monterey Herald, Dec. 10, 2013
Letter by Bill Hood

"The Numbers Don't Lie"

In these staggering numbers, there are simple truths that cannot be avoided.

Monterey Herald, Oct. 16, 2013
Letter by Ron Weitzman

"Cal Am Gasps for Air"

That loud gurgling sound you hear from Cal Am in its opposition to eminent domain is its gasping for air.

WaterPlus endorses Brenda Lewis for Monterey Peninsula Water Management District board.
Read our endorsement and her reply here.

April 2017:
Evaluation of possible public water
purveyors for municipalization of Cal Am

Click here to view or download
a pdf prepared by Ron Weitzman


Since the collapse of the regional desalination project, in which WRAMP advocated for community control by promoting the municipalization of Cal Am, WRAMP has expanded its mission as follows: To advocate in behalf of local Cal Am ratepayers for an adequate and affordable water supply by all reasonable means, including (its original mission) the persuasion or creation of a public agency to purchase Cal Am.


To implement this new mission, WRAMP is promoting the development of a desalination plant that will be sufficiently large to constitute a drought-proof water supply for the Monterey Peninsula, at the least possible cost to local ratepayers.


Five desal ownership scenarios
and their cost to the consumer.

Click image to view pdf.


Video interview with Ron Weitzman, President of WRAMP.

This 24-minute segment of the "Your Town" TV program aired on 6/24/2013, and was hosted by Carmelita Garcia, former Mayor of Pacific Grove, CA.


Water supply and demand
on the Monterey Peninsula.

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State Water Board Review, June 2013

On June 4th the State Water Board held a public hearing on its review of the proposed Cal Am project requested by the CPUC.

WaterPlus was one of a handful of parties who had responded in writing to the review.

Read the entire review here.

Read the WaterPlus response


From the Desal Archive

Monterey Herald, September 4, 2015 
Commentary by Ron Weitzman

Exploring reasons for the
implosion of the desal project

Invited Responses by WRAMP 
On Feb. 28, ALJ Seaneen McCarthy Wilson invited responses to two queries. Click the link above to view the March 14 responses by WaterPlus. (This document is an 8-page pdf to download or read online, depending on your browser settings.)

Judge's decision affects desal plans
Monterey Herald, March 7, 2014
Guest Commentary by Ron Weitzman

Recent Items, February 2014

Reply Brief before the Public Utilitites Commission 2/14/2014 (pdf)

Commentary in the Monterey Herald by Ron Weitzman, Feb 9, 2014

Opening Brief before the Public Utilitites Commission 1/24/2014 (pdf)

Sizing Agreement 7/31/2013 (pdf)

(Please Note: Your individual browser settings will determine whether you download these pdf files or view them online.)

Securitization Legislation proposed by the Water Management District.
View PDF by clicking here

August 2013: Settlement Agreement by parties to Cal Am's water-project application, and the WATERPLUS response to it.

Settlement Agreement

Comments by WaterPLus 

"In the 13,089 words of the agreement the word 'ratepayers' is tellingly absent"
Guest Commentary by Ron Weitzman in the Pacific Grove Cedar Street Times, August 20, 2013

"There is a third water supply option"
Guest Commentary by Ron Weitzman, Monterey County Herald, June 21, 2013

23-page testimony filed by Ron Weitzman in April, 2013, to the California Public Utilities Commission. Click here to view/download the pdf.
(Your own computer settings will determine whether you download this file or view it online.)

Open letter to the
Pacific Grove City Council

(Monterey Herald, Jan 2, 2013).

Open letter to the
Monterey County Board of Supervisors

(Monterey Herald, Dec 12, 2012).

Core Game Plan for
Cal-Am Exposed

Cal-Am’s plan to crush opposition and raise prices was recently unintentionally exposed in an internationally distributed article entitled Ten Companies to Invest in Over the Next Decade.

Cal-Am is owned lock, stock and barrel by the American Water Works Company, a huge New Jersey corporation.

(View American Water's corporate revenue data here.)

AWK (as the company is listed on the New York stock exchange) in turn is heavily owned by European share holders, of whom the key ownership is German.


Cal Am vs. Public Ownership:
Cost Comparisons
2013 Updates

1. Read Ron Weitzman's letter
to the Monterey Herald, 4/28/13

Charts for easy online Viewing:



PowerPoint files to download
for offline viewing
(Viewing requires Microsoft PowerPoint™)

4. Cost Comparisons

5. Cost Comparisons
including Capital Improvements

Water News
from Ron Weitzman

Special updates by the President of WATERPLUS MONTEREY.

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Read Issue #3.    Read Issue #2.

Read Issue #1.


Read about the Water Buffalo Cal–Am–ity!

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