Cal Am water plan not best for all

Letter Monterey County Herald, June 17, 2012

The June 3 Herald guest commentary, "Cal Am water plan is best," by Bob McKenzie and Dale Ellis is disingenuous and totally lacking in transparency. They represent a position apparently taken by organizations they are paid to represent Monterey County Hospitality Association and the Coalition of Peninsula Business. I agree with much of what they wrote but completely disagree with their conclusion that Cal Am's proposed water solution is best. It rests primarily on the fact that the organizations they represent have been co-opted by a deal with Cal Am for discounted water rates, granting the hospitality and business coalition property owners a lower water rate than all other property owners (mostly homeowners). So, they have not taken their noble sounding position for the good of the overall community but rather to assist their clients.

Cal Am has been a notoriously bad steward of water resources. Think horrendously high water rates and the huge water loss due to lack of pipe maintenance and replacement by Cal Am. I own a major interest in one of the largest commercial real estate projects within the Cal Am service area and yet I believe in a level playing field when it comes to water rates no special treatment for anyone. That is why I support the People's Desal and Deepwater Desal projects over Cal Am. Either will supply water at a much lower cost than Cal Am for everyone not just one special interest group.

Skip Keyzers
Carmel Highlands

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