Groups don't oppose removal of dam

Letter, Monterey County Herald, June 22, 2012

The commentary by Brian LeNeve on Wednesday indicates WaterPlus and Citizens for Public Water oppose removal of San Clemente Dam. Wrong. If the dam has to come down, it has to come down, but not at the ratepayers' expense. Cal Am owns the dam, not the Peninsula's ratepayers.

The San Clemente held 10,000 acre-feet of water, enough to take care of Cal Am's current customers. Cal Am's lack of maintenance, letting it fill up with silt, has put us in the position of finding new sources of sustainable water. Cal Am now states that Los Padres Dam is silting up. Do you think the ratepayers should have to pay for its removal also?

WaterPlus and Citizens for Public Water are the only advocacy groups looking out for the Peninsula ratepayers' interests and nothing more.

Dick Rotter

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